Spellbinder Orchestra is an intergenerational, bicoastal collective. Growing from the original repertoire of songstress Alzara Getz and the synergies of many amazing musicians, the group creates a unique blend of original folk rock with elements of classical, world, cabaret, rock, and eastern European. A sprinkling of high energy vintage covers from the 1920s onwards adds another layer of enchantment. Based in San Francisco, California, and the Hudson Valley, New York, Spellbinder shows are lively and theatrical, with intricate arrangements that move from rousing and joyful to thoughtful and dreamy. The band has appeared on numerous community radio shows, performed regularly at the SF Free Folk Fest, played at Burning Man Decompression, Edwardian Ball, and SXSW unofficial showcases.  

The daughter of rock drummer, Dave Getz, original drummer of Big Brother & The Holding Co. and Nancy Baysinger, one of the first female recording engineers in the San Francisco bay area, bandleader Alzara developed an early passion for music. With a background in social work and therapy, she is curious about how people heal, or don't, and finds inspiration in the uncensored mythical realm of the human psyche. The original group, Brother Spellbinder, was formed with guitarist Jamie Wilson who was raised on roots music since he was touted to bluegrass jams and high mountain music festivals as a wee pup. He is an early graduate of School of the Arts that spawned the likes of Margaret Cho and Sam Rockwell. 

Spellbinder Orchestra East 
Primarily based in Woodstock, NY now, Alzara plays with cellist Cornelia Logan, a Hudson Valley native, who has played with Mamalama, Earth Opera and Free River band. Core members also include upright bassist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Joe Pierog of The Library band and songwriter Chris O'Driscol on acoustic guitar. You may catch rotating violinist Kate Hudson of Big Brother & the Holding casting spells with electric violin. Spellbinder East members are known for their strong vocals and delicious harmonies.

Spellbinder Orchestra West: 
In addition to Alzara and Jamie, the west coast camp consists of core member Steve La Porta, music teacher and member of many local groups including the Chinese orchestra, Jamie Clark band and Romana Vieira. He steers the songs with creative marches, world beats and joyful vibrations. Another early member, violinist and vocalist Steve Bollhoefer, enthralls the audience with his strong tenor vocals, playful improvs on violin, and the occasional tap dance. Rotating lead guitarists Sean Griffin and Andy Charmatz add a hint of pathos with soaring guitar licks and ambient effects. Lower registers may be shared by cellist Gabriel Beistline, member of multiple local symphonies, including The Santa Rosa Symphony and Merced Symphony, or cellist, singer/songwriter Helena Tietze, daughter of SF's St. Mary's cathedral choir director. On fretless or upright bass, the group features Oakland native and former bandleader Jim Taylor, or Shawn Miller of Voodoo Dolly, Braun Fellinis, & Static People. You may also catch rotating violinist Lee Corbie Wells, a member of legendary Irish group Tempest singing in Greek, Norwegian, or Swedish and shining on violin.